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decorate your staircase for christmas heres some advice

Decorate your staircase for Christmas? Here's some advice.


Christmas is the most magical time of the year. The Lights, the joyful atmosphere and why not, even all the decorations, that they let us in even more to the heart of the holiday.
For those who love the decorations, this is the perfect time to give free rein to creativity.
In the adorn the inside our house, of course we can't forget a piece of furniture very important: the stairs.
The stair banister is an architectural element among the most beautiful of the house, that during the festivities can be enhanced using some simple stylistic devices.
For those who love classical style, you can opt for the traditional crowns of pine, red flakes, streamers, coloured Christmas Ball with Santa Claus and snowmen.
For a style more country, we can decorate our internal stairs with natural compositions made with red berries, Holly, cinnamon, oranges and dried pine branches.
You can also just use a cascade of Christmas lights and let the games of light show themselves in all their magic.
Who prefers the icy atmospheres and Christmas decorations in white enough scoops of silver and crystal, chains of light shades, cold, snow-covered branches, to create a scenario really charming.
In addition to the stairs banister, don't forget to decorate the steps! Just add some gift wrap and lanterns to create a truly unique Christmas path.

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