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climbing the stairs is healthy the advantages of the stairs according to the personal trainer

Climbing the stairs is healthy. The advantages of the stairs according to the personal trainer


The holidays are now over, and now you have to dispose of all the extra pounds that you took during the company with friends and family.
A little bit of physical activity is what you need, but if you don't really want to go to the gym, here's an alternative method.
"For those who can?t exercise outdoor or in the gym, it would be very useful to increment the everyday life activity. With this regard, an excellent solution would be climbing stairs. This exercise is suitable for everyone for free and allows you to train! The reasons to choose this exercise are many: 

1. improves the cardiovascular system and therefore reduces the risk of cardiac pathologies 
2. reduces the stress 
3. strengthens the bottom body's musculature, quadriceps and gluteus in particular 
4. if done for 20-30 minutes, it has effects such as body fat loss 
5. improves and increases the body propulsion Regarding the execution, remember to keep your back straight and a bit tilted forward at each step and to lay completely the foot on the stair's step. 

The rhythm (the climbing speed of the steps) must be adjusted to the subject and to his training degree. Therefore, if you want an advise, start to consider the possibility of choosing the stairs instead of the lift, you will gain in health for sure!!!? 
Roberto Vecchi - Web site Personal trainer, food coach, antiaging advisor, ifbb men's physique athlete

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