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why choose a spiral stair

Why choose a spiral stair?


Why choose a spiral stair ? Nowadays, the stair is not simply a functional element, but it has become a main character of the interior design style of the house. After all, the choice of the ideal stair is often influenced by the available space in your house. Be aware that spiral staircases occupy less surface than open stairs; spiral staircases are therefore perfect for small spaces and for more wide open spaces at the same time, thanks to the different diameters (from 1000 to 2000 mm) available for most of the Mobirolo models. Once you have defined the stair occupying area, the dimension and shape of the well on the ceiling and the height of your room, you can easily choose the style of the spiral staircase you prefer: a wood spiral staircase for an authentic and classic style , glass for a design solution for your spiral stair or metal for a contemporary personality to give to your interior . Discover your spiral stair Mobirolo

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