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ecological solutions to clean the glass

Ecological solutions to clean the glass


Mobirolo suggests some eco-friendly solutions to clean the glass of its open stairs , spiral stairs ,modular stairs , banister and handrails . Our tips will grant durable and excellent results , without being aggressive for the environment. Here some easy suggestions to clean the glass staircases Mobirolo and to make them shining. Water and vinegar Before starting the cleaning , prepare a solution of 500 ml of water with 100 ml of vinegar in a spray . The liquid will be more powerful if the water is hot. The vinegar will disinfect all the surface and will remove all the stains and smears at the same time . By a cotton cloth vaporise a little of the liquid and clean the glass of your open stairs, spiral stair , modular stairs or your banister , without the need to rinse. To have a perfumed natural detergent add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Microfiber cloth A microfiber cloth can be used more times to clean the glass, avoiding to buy wipes that fills your garbage or specific detergent. Just moisten the cloth before cleaning with your natural detergent your open staircases , spiral or modular staircases ,banisters or handrails of glass. After using it, the microfiber cloth is washable with warm water and natural soap. Handmade detergent If you have some liquid soap , soap flakes or ecological washing up liquid , you will obtain easily your natural solution , adding some water . A spoon of liquid soap will be sufficient for 500 ml of cold or tepid water mixed in a spray. Differently , the soap flakes should be dissolved in 500 ml of hot water .

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