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maintenance and cleaning of steel elements in the staircases for interiors

Maintenance and cleaning of steel elements in the staircases for interiors


Stainless steel and painted steel The stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316 is a material invulnerable by the atmospheric agents, but it needs a regular cleaning . If it will be fitted for external use , It will be important to clean its surfaces with the same frequency with which windows and glass walls are cleaned. More specifically: - AISI304 with satin finish : to clean every 3-4 months, up to the local atmospheric conditions - AISI316 with satin finish: to Clean every 1-2 months - If AISI304 and AISI316 and painted steel Fe 360 B are fitted for internal use , the common cleaning from dust will be sufficient. Cleaning products for steel : Normally , it is sufficient to wash the elements with soap and water, thoroughly rinse and wipe dry with a cloth ( everything must be dried thoroughly, to avoid stains caused by the hardness of the water). The cleaning with specific degreasing products acid-free and non-abrasive normally available on market is recommended at least once a year for the outdoor use and about every two years in interiors. These products should be used also in the uncommon case of appearing of little rust dots.

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