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external stairs to terraces and balconies

External stairs to terraces and balconies


External staircases are perfect for transforming the way you use both your home and your outdoor: they can make certain areas of your home more accessible and provide more space to live.
3 are the main elements that characterize the external stairs: stability of the structure, resistance to atmospheric agents, design to add charm and exclusivity to the appearance of the house.
External staircases are usually used for direct access to balconies or terraces. If you have an upstairs balcony, you can install an external staircase for easy access. You can also use the staircase to connect tiered terraces so that you or your guests don't have to enter the house just to access the upper patio.
Here are some of the Mobirolo external staircase models most appreciated by our customers:
ECON FX/Z: the exterior spiral staircase offers excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, with high quality finishes. Available in the Z version, with galvanic treatment even if the hot dip galvanizing treatment is recommended for sea areas because it is more resistant to saline air. As with any spiral staircase, the wraparound design of the external spiral stairs is a great way to save space.
external stairs to terraces and balconies
WILLY: exterior ramp staircase in hot galvanized metal, with high quality finishes, also suitable for refined interiors. Handrail in knurled gray PVC, railing with 7 cables in 316 stainless steel. The galvanic immersion treatment offers excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.
external stairs to terraces and balconies
Retractable stairs for terraces / terrace roofs: retractable stairs for closable ceilings suitable for going outside. The main features are: resistance up to 150 kilograms of load, maximum stability, exclusive features such as anti-slip steps, absence of edges and sharp parts, lock against accidental opening, landing handles for getting on and off.
external stairs to terraces and balconies
Request a free quote and choose the solution that best suits your needs and spaces.

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