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3 advantages of led lighting for interiors staircases

3 Advantages of LED Lighting for interiors staircases


Every good architect knows that the secret to making a home really cozy is not only in the chosen decor, but it is very important also the type of lighting used to enhance environments.
Design and lighting are the key points to donate that touch of class and uniqueness to a dwelling.
So why not even think about lighting for interiors staircases?
Here are 3 simple basic elements to take into account:
1. Safety
Having a proper view of where you put your feet when you go up/down the stairs is always a factor of great advantage. Several elements can help to increase the danger of staircaises, such as any objects left recklessly, the height of the steps or the slip of the surfaces.
Positioning lights in the steps of the stairs allows a safer and smoother transit.
2. Practicality
When choosing the type of lighting for staircases, it is also necessary to assess the cost of consumption and reactions due to black out.
The Mobirolo Led staircases are characterized by an automated lighting system fully integrated with the stair itself. They do not need a switch because the light automatically activates to the passage (it is also equipped with light timer, i.e. lighting turns off after passing in a time frame that you can set personally).
In addition, the light source of led is low consumption, with RGB intensity and colors adjustable from the remote. And in case of electric blackout, a battery guarantees lighting and triggers the emergency light extending to the surrounding environment.
3. Elegance
LED lights allow a wide range of customizations and, if necessary, the possibility of choosing different chromatic variations capable of decorating in a simple and elegant way at the same time. An original lighting system and to say the least surprising which, appropriately chosen and placed, it will increase the value any corner of your home, making the environment more pleasant and welcoming.
In this way your modern staircase will no longer be just a place of transit to connect the various floors of the house, but a characteristic element of the environment itself.
Discover all models of Mobirolo interiors staircases with LED Lighting System.

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