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Transparency, elegance and resistance: all secrets of glass stairceses


Have you ever thought about using glass to make your own stairs?


If you need to connect multiple levels of your home, choose the right stair that is at the same time beautiful and functional may require some extra effort if you do not want to dwell on classic wooden stairs. 


The strais have evolved over the years and have recently been revolutionized thanks to the use of new materials. Environments inside the house become more and more personalized, transforming each architectural volume into a symbol of a very precise style.


The glass is definitely one of the most popular materials used in the realization of loft staircase in these times thanks to its three main features:


1. Transparency: the intense use of glass makes it possible to exploit natural light in an environment, very useful especially for those who have lighting problems.

2. Elegance: the stairs made with this material are the ideal choice for those who wish to create a graceful structure and at the same time characterised by a certain sophistication.

3. Resistance: the glass used for these types of stairs is tempered and layered, therefore suitable for the daily clomping.


Here are some of the most appreciated glass stairs among Mobirolo customers:



The open staircase designed for the spaces of the future, with shapes and materials designed to last in time while maintaining originality and character. The transparency of glass and the solidity of steel make Rexal a staircase with exclusive features of design and solidity of the structure.




The new Mobirolo interpretation of contemporary living: a staircase from graphic forms made in solid materials of character, such as steel and toughened glass in the three transparent, white and smoky colours.




The Spiral staircase that transforms into a unique and sophisticated furnishing complement, an absolute protagonist of contemporary living space. Is the creativity creativity that renews, in a perfect balance of lines and chromatic combinations using expertly shaped materials such as chrome steel and toughened glass.



Not only functional, glass stairs are considered to be real design works.


Also discover our staircases with glass railings.


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