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News di Mobirolo


Do you want to furnish the spaces living and stay whether to choose open staircases?


Mobirolo offers you the possibility to make you know the open staircases  they are open and they are conceived for leaving to pass the light. Probably the name also derives from the fact that they normally furnish the environments living (stay or zone day for the note). Different models of internal staircases to furnish your house to the best. Possibility of different material staircases in wood, mini staircases, staircases in iron, staircases in aluminum, staircases in glass.


We make is sized to the measures of your space. It adapts to your environment and leaves you with extensive choice among finishes and quality materials.


Our open staircases are Esperia, Mantis, Castle, Rexal e Jazz.




Esperia is the ideal solution for those who seek a wooden staircase, a furniture element to give character to the ambience. These solid beech and oak models are designed to last. Also available with LED lighting system.


The staircases are designed in a way that all steps have the same depth: this is the only way to ensure a consistent tread on the walking line for the highest possible comfort.


A curve studied for allowing a change of direction.




Mantis, the stair designed to enhance the most refined living spaces thanks to the elegance of the steel banister, a perfect combination between sophistication and design. The structure and the treads give to the stair an harmonious shape and they are available in beech wood or oak wood. The Banister steel panel is an entirely new innovative design element created by design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners. 


Also available with Led lighting system. 





Jazz is the prototype of a smart staircase. Its structure is made of steel elements adjustable in terms of riser and tread: this allows an extraordinary ability to adapt to the size of your room.The great reliability of Mobirolo is achieved through a structure of steel modules, steps and handrails in lamellar beech wood.  Led system (optional) is available for all the types of Jazz stairs.


Health attention and environment thanks to the water wood paintings.


Every model we design is made to measure your space, and leaves you with extensive choice among finishes and quality materials.


Internal straircaises MODEL REXAL 


The Rexal's steel structure is sculpted by the laser perfection, to obtain a high level of quality, without compromise. The result is a stair of high performances in terms of solidity, essential design and strong personality. The handrail of Rexal Corten is realized to seven rods more handrails, the all in the finish Total Chrome, with a lightness and a freshness that only the chrome can give.


A represented unique quality and the exclusive treatment brushed on the beech tree of the step.

The result is a staircase from the tall performances of course with an essential design, but of strong character.


A modern model name CASTLE 


Castle, a majestic and elegant stair able to seduce the innovation lovers by respecting the tradition. The banister is totally integrated into the structure and makes Castle a sophisticated complement for the most contemporary living spaces. Also available with Led lighting system. 


Castle is an only piece without elements of junction, for a clean and linear design.


Also available with Led lighting system. 



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