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chromes stair banister

Chrome's stair banister


MOBIROLO'S BANISTER the special one in stair banister is the safety. Every Mobirolo's banister is projected to answer to this demand. The bows of reinforcement posted every meter, are the testimony of our attention for the safety.
Mobirolo performs a temporary architecture valorizing the planning of insides and outside. Thanks to the collaboration with an important figures as the designer Anthony Lanzillo. Mobirolo creates a new form and line with contemporary materials, what steel, glass and wood.
Some banisters are described under here for further informations visit the section collection or contact directly us.
chromes stair banister
Linear and refined Design, in degree to offer a personal touch to the inside and a warm atmosphere. Handrail with vertical columns and handrail in wood. He/she answers to all the safety norms.

it directly visits on the site the MODEL XC 
chromes stair banister
Barrier of protection in steel, responds to all the norms excluded the scalabilità for his/her children and the passage sphere from 100 mm. 
It directly visits the MODEL XR 
chromes stair banister
Ideal for external use and for use to baluster or handrail. Resistant to the push.
 it directly visits on the site the handrail modern MODEL MAST 
chromes stair banister
Handrail with vertical carrying columns in steel inox. Thanks to the unique and modern design he/she offers the possibility of plant to light led to make him/it more elegant.

Use of appreciated materials and respect of the environment.
chromes stair banister
The model belonging Fold to the category balusters it unites elegance to the safety, always maintaining an united classical style to that of the elegance.

The available structure also in steel it is resistant to atmospheric (rain, snow, hail) agents.
chromes stair banister
More resistant to the precedents models, constituted by a barrier of protection with moderate glass and stratified. He/she answers to all the safety norms and scalabilità of his/her/their children.

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