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Modern stairs for interiors in wood. Here are the Mobirolo solutions

Wood is a precious material and has always been the most used for furniture production.
It gives to the environment a warm and welcoming look thanks to the lines to its natural designs.
It is a very versatile material, lends itself both to furnishing classic spaces but also modern or contemporary spaces, giving a distinctive touch to the interior of the house.

But it's not so easy to choose all the furnishing complements.

Those living in multi-level homes know perfectly well that in order to reach elevations, mezzanines, attics they will need an appropriate vertical link, i.e. an internal staircase.

But how to choose the right one, which adapts to the environments of our home?

When you come to choose stairs for your home there are several factors to consider: first the space available, safety, functionality, design and last but no less important the type of material.
Wood is one of the most appreciated materials, because it is natural, and because thanks to its warm tones enhances the aesthetic appearance of the house.

Mobirolo offers a wide range of modern interior staircase ideal for your wooden interiors.
Here are some of our most innovative projects:

Mantis, the stair designed to enhance the most refined living spaces thanks to the elegance of the steel banister, a perfect combination of sophistication and design.
The innovative element is the original design of the banister steel panel  - Design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners -available in these colors: wrinkled white, wrinkled black, wrinkled grey, corten and in the new gold.
The structure and the treads give to the stair a harmonious shape and they are available in beech wood or oak wood.

Castle, the furnishing accessory also suitable for the most contemporary living room. The internal staircase able to seduce the innovation lovers by respecting the tradition.
The banister is totally integrated into the structure.
Version Castle Z, where the banister and the structure combine in a unique panel that follows the geometric trend of the treads in the lower side. Option “MOBIROLO LED LIGHTING SYSTEM” available.

Magic, Mobirolo space saving staircase winner of the Good Design Award 2017. Its modern design - Design Antonio Lanzillo & Partners - makes it a very beautiful piece of furniture, adapting to all environments and installed even in the smallest spaces.
The special shaped steps are made to ensure both an adequate space to support the foot and to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum.

With the Mobirolo stairs, your home will never be the same.

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