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cantilevered stairs the best solution for your home

Cantilevered stairs. The best solution for your home


The cantilevered stair is the most beloved staircase among the various possible types, it is the most attractive, the one that most harmonizes in a home because even the looks and design want their share.
This type of stair, however, is characterized by a particular very important, that is the presence of a bearing wall where to set the treads; that's why not all situations allow their installation.
Also consider that some of these, when the ramps are very long, they may require ground-based pillars or soled tie rods.
Another essential element to consider is the realization of a banister with a function structure of the stair.
In this case it is necessary that there is a link between the treads and the next one, a link that is made with a steel cylinder (Spacer) or through screws that cross the glass railing and they create a single body, between banister and treads.
Furthermore, the stairs without structure offer more space under the staircase for furniture, doors and more.
Now all you have to do is choose the model! Here's what Mobirolo proposes:
  1. The Akura model has treads thicknes of 50 mm and it is installed detached from the wall of 4 cm with a pin and stainless steel cover. The pins enter the treads for 12/13 cm. Chrome banister.

    cantilevered stairs the best solution for your home

  2. The Akura HR model has high performance.
    The treads have a thickness of 8 cm and they are installed close to the wall. The pins enter the treads for 40 cm. Chrome banister in white 90RG.
cantilevered stairs the best solution for your home

Both models were styled thinking also to the spaces where there is not wall continuity. The structure foresees the possibility to add a banister section, up to 5 treads extent.

The installation of a Akura o Akura HR stair, needs an anchorage on a bearing wall or a partition one. Only these typologies of wall, can assure a correct anchorage and an adequate distribution of weights and tractions
Your home will no longer be the same.

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