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modern stairs banisters for your home stairs choose model chrome of mobirolo

Modern stairs banisters? For your home stairs choose model Chrome of Mobirolo


When your home is designed on several connected floors, choose the right interior staircase, which is at the same time practical and harmonize with the surrounding space, it is not that simple.
Even harder to make it safe.
The banister is the element that safeguards the safety of people who, as well as the functionality, become a charming complement to furniture that enhances your home.
Finding your ideal banister is not a simple thing, especially if you have to consider elements like:
  • The shape and colour of the stair;
  • Practicality and safety of the staircase.
  • The style of your environment;
  • The material;
  • Brightness and space of the stairwell to choose the best material of our banister.
That's why Giovanni turned to Mobirolo for advice:
"Good morning, I'd like to install a steel banister for the staircase and the mezzanine of my home. Which one of your models could adapt to my situation?"
First of all, you're wondering: why choose the Mobirolo banister? For 3 simple reasons:
  1. Security: unbelievable capacity to ensure safety well beyond the levels prescribed in international standards.
  2. Style: the wide range of forms and materials allows you to match the style of the banister to that of your modular staircase. The banister becomes  the natural extension of the staircase.
  3. Environment: care for health and the environment thanks to out “water-based” painted wood.
Back to Giovanni's case, the Chrome model could be the thing for him.
It's a chrome banister with wooden handrails. Uncluttered, sophisticated design, capable of giving a personal yet lasting touch to the most widely  different settings, and a range of alternatives, colours and materials chosen to provide a perfect match with any type of stairs.
Practicality, safety and design of made in Italy. The perfect mix to create a magical atmosphere inside your home.
Discover all the Mobirolo stairs banisters.

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