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you want to change your old wooden stair choose the modern jezz chrome with led system

You want to change your old wooden stair? Choose the modern Jezz Chrome with LED system


Decorate your home. One day you wake up and decide that now is the time to do a few improvements.
If you have then an old wooden staircase and you want to replace it to make your home more modern and refined, the story becomes even more interesting.
We at Mobirolo, which of stairs we intend for more than 50 years, we have the ideal solution for you!
Our stair for interior Jazz Chrome LED, is one of the stairs of the best performers modular panorama. The product is suitable for many environments thanks to the different configuration parameters such as the width to the inch, the tread, the riser adjustable and the last step on the upper level which includes different sizes.
The Optional LED, which is activated with sensors to the passage, completely integrated and exclusive of Mobirolo, in addition to ensure the safety to see where to put the feet even in case of blackout (it has a battery pack run for 2 hours), it enriches the aesthetic value of the staircase with its colors and change of shades.
And here we go, ready for you, a new open staircase, that will make your home more comfortable and will blow your mind all your guests.
Check out all the details of the stairs with Led.

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