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7 consigli utili per arredare lo spazio sotto la tua scala

7 consigli utili per arredare lo spazio sotto la tua scala


Take care of the furniture of your home can be a very difficult job. Everything should be in the right place to create the right balance between the various elements. Sometimes happens that when at home we have a staircase, it creating an empty space below it: the famous understair that you never know how to fill.
Here's some tips that may be helpful to optimize the space under your stairs in a simple and effective way.
First of all, you can design custom furniture to use the most of the space.
Judje with attention the type of furniture that you need. Choose containers by different shapes and measures to better optimize the space.
Another solution would be to place a desk in the cupboard. Interesting idea if your environment is bright and even more if your stair has the treads empty: without the riser filter a lot of light, natural and artificial.
A desk of support can be also a good piece of furniture to put ornaments and design objects.
If you are a lover of reading, an alternative is to realize in your understairs a bookstore at sight. You can fill the shelves alternating magazines and books with items of furniture, creating an interesting play of colours, shapes and movements.
If your open stairs are in a great and open environment, you can use the space to design a cellar at sight. An idea that you can enhance by creating a boudoir, where you can taste the wines with your guests.
If your stairs are very deep, and you have enough space, you can use the understairs to create another environment. You could make a room of support or a closet, but remenber that you to design a good system of artificial lighting.
If the space under the stairs is very small, you can opt for a different solution. For example, a reading corner, with a bench, to exploit as a container, with a seat enriched with pillows of support. For a comfortable and cosy place for your moments of relaxation.
But be careful, you always have to calculate well the space available. The size of your understairs are proportional to the measure of your staircase: more the staircase is deep, and more it will be the space to disposition.

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