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superstitions is it bad luck to pass under the stairs

Superstitions: is it bad luck to pass under the stairs?


Halloween is coming and we can't talk about superstitions or scary things. And also the stairs (but not those of Mobirolo huh!) have their part.
Among the popular beliefs, there is one in which you thinks that pass under a staircase, it would be a bad omen. How did this weird superstition borned?
Going back to the times of the Egyptians, we find out that they considered sacred the triangle figure (such as the pyramids), just the shape that it would create by supporting a stair to the wall! So, pass under a staircase it would mean  destroy the sacred figure and attracting the wrath of the gods. Furthermore, Orus was also known as the "God of staircase" for the support that he gave to the deceased in the path to the eternal light".
The concept is unchanged in the Christian era, where the triangle figure is tied to the image of the Holy Trinity, so any more trouble with the gods.
However, there are also more profane explanations. There are some who believe that this superstition has medieval origin, when during a battle the defenders of the castles poured oil or boiling pitch on the besiegers that tried to climb on the stairs. Here's to the fear of passing under a ladder.
More recently, however, we often hear the grandmas to say that if a woman still unmarried passes under a open staircase or leaning against the wall isn't getting married, on the contrary if she stumbles on the steps of a stair, she will get engaged. For those who stumbles down the stairs, it's omen of loss of money.
So, be careful as to put the feet, the stairs are always lurking.
superstitions is it bad luck to pass under the stairs

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