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mobirolo stairs heres how to take care of them

Mobirolo stairs: Here's how to take care of them


Mobirolo carefully chooses the materials to produce its stairs, obtaining a final product to high quality standards.
Nevertheless, it is always required a minimum of maintenance of the product, to keep it beautiful and in shape as we would do for our body.
Here some tips on how to clean and maintain in order the different materials:
Wood: it is suggested to clean at least once a year with products available on the market that are only for the wood, as long as it's not acid, alkali or abrasives.
Plexiglass: washing with a neutral detergents, will be sufficient to restore the lustre to this type of material, whenever it was necessary. The scratch resistance of the plexiglass is the same of the wood, but it may be re-polished. In time the plexiglass could mattifies: using a product as the "Polish" Liquid for bodywork can restore transparency and brightness to the material.

Painted Steel And Stainless Steel: a wash with soap and water, rinse a plentiful and a thorough drying with a cloth, are most of the time, enough and keeps the look brilliant (it should be dry well to avoid stains caused by limestone of the water) .
Cleaning with specific products of degreasing, acidic and non-abrasive available on the market, are available at least once a year for the exterior and approximately every two years for the inside, however, should be used whenever they arise dots of rust.
Maintenance and cleaning of the stainless steel aisi304 or aisi316 is an unassailable material from the elements, but needs cleaning. Apps outside in line of all general will be important to clean the areas with the same frequency with which they clean windows and stained glass.

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