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loft stairs mobirolo the quality of the materials to in the first place

Loft-stairs Mobirolo: the quality of the materials to in the first place


For the production of his stairs, Mobirolo chooses materials of quality and also in respect of the environment.
Fir Wood: the material comes exclusively from controlled crops; dried with natural methods and is not treated with harmful substances for man or the environment.

Beech Wood: we only use material certified FSC ensures that consumers all over the world that the wood used in the manufacture of certain products comes from managed forests to high standards for the protection of the environment.
Steel: they are selected by steel construction of different kind, protected by the hot-Dip Galvanizing, suitable for outdoor, or through thermosetting powder coating for a long duration, it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. However, the exterior painting is less resistant and durable compared to the hot-Dip Galvanizing.
Stainless Steel Aisi 304 and Aisi 316 with glazing treatment 320, highly resistant to corrosion and the atmospheric agents. The presence of rust spots on the stainless steel does not indicate that the material is not responding to the standard of quality, but depends on the area of installation such as marine environments or areas with high air pollution etc. These factors you can safely remove with the periodic maintenance for this material. The important thing is that these points of rust absolutely not damaging the structure of the material, but are only a matter of aesthetics.
Aluminium: T6060 T5 aluminium, painted as metal or anodising.
Zama: ZAMAK it’s a zinc alloy, combined with small percentages of aluminium, magnesium and copper, worked with die casting moulding procedure.
Glass: The glass used for our treads and railings’ panels is tempered and laminated.
Plexiglass or polymethylmethacrylate: thermoplastic material, from quality glass-like, stiff, hard. It is usually very transparent, more than the glass, with UV rays stability and good resistance to weathering and chemical agents. It has an high resistance to abrasion and it’s also highly resistant to aging, even if exposed to the sun.
Plastic Materials: plastic components injection moulded and extrusion consisting of thermoplastic polymer of various materials, such as: ABS, Pmma-Polymethylmethacrylate, PP-Polypropylene, PC-Polycarbonate, PA-Polyamide, PVC, etc.
The company undertakes to strongly encourage the development of the work and of the organization for a business model ethically correct, respectful of the environment and human dignity, in accordance with the laws, the people and the planet we, in order to ensure a present and a Better future.

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