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esperia viscal the right loft stair for a furniture in scandinavian nordic style

Esperia Viscal: the right loft-stair for a furniture in Scandinavian - Nordic Style 


Modern and innovative, sustainable, low-cost, technological and of design, Scandinavian style entered in our homes from 2013 and doesn't seem to ever get out of it.
Although it is a contemporary trend, you will be surprised to discover that this type of furniture in reality has taken life a long time ago, in the period between the two world wars. It was a design that responded to the need to create an elegant style, functional and at the same time at low cost, using sustainable materials.
Let's see together what are the characteristics that distinguish this style:
The white's triumph
In the nordic - scandinavian style the light has a primary importance. As a result, it prefers the white color for its ability to reflect all the brightness that comes in the room.
In this style is very difficult to find a color for the walls and the wall units that isn't white, light grey or beige. Generally the use of white is being thwarted by small touches of black and amused by decorations of pastel color.
Natural Materials
Being born to be a sustainable design, the use of natural materials is a special feature. The wood dominates the scene together with the natural fabrics to give that idea of craftsmanship that is the basis of this style.
Minimal elements
Linear Cuts, net lines, clear forms and square furniture. A simplicity date by the production requirements, without frills and excessive elements.
The right staircase for the scandinavian design
Our advice for a staircase in theme with the scandinavian - nordic design is Esperia Viscal, a loft-stair with minimal and linear features, in which the  white wood is the predominant material, countered only by the blck touch of the railing. 
You can also be interested in open stairs, loft staircases, wooden staircases.

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