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realization in milan handrail rod 200 rg

Realization in Milan: handrail ROD 200 RG


Mobirolo comes back to holidays ready for new adventures.
Precisely to Corsico, near Milan, where EDIL 3000 SRLs have installed the baluster ROD200 RG in glass stratified for the installation of some villette.
Special thacks are due to our agent Cometti Sonia who has allowed all this.
Rod 200 RG is the handrail that unites safety and elegance. This model distinguishes its from the rest of the handrails for the lightness and the solidity furnished by the glass that it characterizes it.
The structure of the handrail is in stainless steel resistant to the atmospheric agents, guaranteeing so in the time its value.
See more details about the handrail ROD 200 RG.

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