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illuminate the stairs of your house

Illuminate the stairs of your house


How is it possible to choose a modern,elegant and design staircase, but at the same time it is also safe?
A correct staircase immunination could be the answer to the question.
There are several factors that contribute to increase the danger of the stairs inside your home, such as slippery surfaces, any abandoned objects recklessly or step height.
In addition to making sure your staircase, a good lighting design helps to enhance all the other rooms of the house so that it is not relegated to the simple role of transit and connection.
The JAZZ CHROME LED model of Mobirolo is the ideal choice for this problem.
Jazz is the intelligent staircase prototype: its structure is composed by steel elements adjustable in elevation and in the tread, so that it can adapt to the size of your space.
The (optional) LED system is available in all the Jazz model staircases.
View our staircase design with LED lights.

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