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banisters and parapets

Banisters and parapets


Safeness is the most important thing when you decide to install a mezzanine or a staircase.
Building banisters or parapets with high technical requirements might save your loved ones from fallings and inguries.
In Mobirolo we take extremely seriously sectoral legislation.
Design is important to us: the aesthetical look is always of primary importance. Our banisters and parapets are designed to comply with yoour home without darkening the rooms and reducing space in your home.
Glass is the real functional material for banisters and parapets: it's transparent so it doesn't get the romm derker and it doesn't block the view of the space.
It also enable to divide the space up, providing privacy at the same time.
If you are interested in a design banister for interior you should see Fold, slender and attractive lines for this protective barrier set for tempered and laminated glass with the highest safety requirements; he banister forms an insurmountable screen for younger children as prescribed in the regulation for children’s safety.
See our Stair banister, handrails

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