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pura helicoidalstaircases with led system

PURA helicoidal staircases with LED system


PURA helicoidal staircases with LED system
The LED system (Optional) is available in all the PURA helicoidal  staircases. The PURA helicoidal staircase foresees an integrated system of LED lights to light up your home. The advantages of the led technology system are: Integrated system: the electric system of 12 volt is totally integrated into the stair. Automatic lighting activation: the lighting occurs by two sensors, without external switch. Lighting sensors: the lighting will be activated according to the parameters defined by the user. Led Light system:  low consumption, color and intensity adjustment (RGB System) by remote control. Timer activation: the lighting activation to be settles during the stair crossing. Emergency light: a battery will assure the light in case of electric blackout. More security for everybody: the emergency headlamp lights the environment. Remote control: to regulate the colors, and the light intensity, the manual switch on/off.
Our PURA helicoidal staircase becomes an interior design object conceived for highlighting the beauty and the functionality. Without the presence of the central pole, the helicoidal staircases offer big comfort of use permitting a comfortable  passage for hands and shoulders. You could regulate height and diameters according to your needs. The chosen materials permit to obtain a high quality product and  an object of beauty  functionality. The PURA staircase will satisfy your needs becoming an interior design  object.

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