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rod 200 rg the banister that combines elegance to security

ROD 200 RG | The banister that combines elegance to security


ROD 200 RG  is the banister  that combines elegance to security.
The glass banisters for external use can be adapted to a public use and guarantees an elegant, safe and durable  protection, moreover, it  is suitable also for private use becoming an elegant and safe banister for balconies. ROD 200 RG  is a simple and resistant  banister also thanks to the glass. The glass is tempered glass 6+6 mm with lucid edge that avoid the children climbing. The structure and the handrail of ROD 200 RG  are made of STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 more resistant to atmospheric agents. The structure is available also in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 for internal spaces or for area that are not exposed to the aggressive  atmospheric agents (salt, smog, acid rain) or in  Fe360 steel that is painted with double treatment (galvanization and epoxy painting) in the colours of Mobirolo catalogue.
ROD 200 RG  is realized in order to guarantee an impact resistance of 200kg/mt as foreseen in the safety Regulations about parapets for civil use or public use in public usage environments.

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