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modern external staircases a suggestive entrance for your home

Modern external staircases. A suggestive entrance for your home


When you talk about stairs, you immediately think of the internal staircases connecting the various floors of a house. The external staircases are also equally important.
In addition to having a structural function, external stairs also have an aesthetic role as they often accompany the facade of the house, and that is why they represent a first business card of what awaits us inside.
Depending on the individual needs of each client and architecture styles, external staircases can be made with various types of materials, and choose between different models.
Three are the characteristics at the base of the external stairs:
  • Practicality, the structure of the staircase must be stable and safe
  • Resistance, the staircase must be carried out with materials capable of withstanding climate change and atmospheric agents but also with frequent clomping and anti-slip surface and easily clean.
  • Beauty, the external staircase must be made following a certain aesthetic metric so that it harmonizes with the style of the house.
Equally important are elements such as parapet and handrails that go to conform with the comfort and style of the structure.
Among the most popular structures we find linear ones, which follow the evolution of the wall next to or simply present a typical uniform and compact development with regular steps, so perfect for traditional contexts.
WILLY by Mobirolo is a good representation.
A high-quality galvanized metal staircase for exterior with high quality finishes that make it suitable for wanted interiors.
Available in two series widths from cm 80 and cm 90; tread and adjustable riser for a maximum height of 4 metres.
The railing is composed of vertical columns and the handrail is made in wrinkled grey PVC.
The treats have holes for the disposal of stagnant water and are equipped with antiskid adhesive strips or rubber boards, optional, which guarantee a high level of safety.
The galvanized treatment by immersion offers an excellent resistance to atmospheric agents.       
modern external staircases a suggestive entrance for your home
A second alternative, very loved and cross-sectional to every style of the dwelling is the spiral staircase for exterior, particularly characteristic when applied to the front of the house or on the side. Spiral development can be strategic and advisable for restricted spaces where a traditional external scale could occupy too much space and not be functional.
Just like our ECON FX.
Hot galvanized spiral staircase for exterior, available in the two variants Z and VZ, with high quality finishes.
The handrail made in grey PVC, more resistant and with a modern style.
The Econ FX-VZ version painted with double treatment, "Anti-Rust" Primer + epoxy painting in the colours of the catalogue catalogue, has good resistance against atmospheric agents (not recommended in areas near the sea).
modern external staircases a suggestive entrance for your home

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