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modern stairs with glass railing left to conquer by mobirolo models



Every house has its own style. The colors, the furniture. All details that make it unique in its kind.
If you live in a house with more plans, choose the right staircase that colleagues the above and the below, it may be that element that gives a touch of originality to your interiors.
Elegance and efficiency, go hand in hand when we talk about Mobirolo.
To make exclusive your home, Mobirolo proposes you some models of open stair with railing in glass:

Esperia Vitra

modern stairs with glass railing left to conquer by mobirolo models
The open stair from shapes, designed to complete your abode.
A curve designed to let you change direction seamlessly. The harmony of the main construction is enhanced by the steady tread that makes for an easier climbing experience, with constant tread steps, a solution that translates into a one-depth tread, identical in the turning steps as well, with a constant gradient for a safe and comfortable use.
Option Led system available.

Rexal XC

modern stairs with glass railing left to conquer by mobirolo models
Design and the strenght of the structure are the points of strength of this model. It adapts to your environment and leaves you with extensive choice among finishes and quality materials. This staircase series stands out for an intensive use of glass, providing transparency and lightness to your home, and the glass panel on the banister forms an insurmountable screen for younger children as prescribed in the regulation for children’s safety.


modern stairs with glass railing left to conquer by mobirolo models
For a more classic style, here is the ideal model. The heat of the wood melts him with the coldness of the moderate glass to create a sense of balance and harmony.
The right size according to the measures of your house, adapts to your environment and leave you wide freedom of choice of finishes and materials of quality.

Akura XC-XR

modern stairs with glass railing left to conquer by mobirolo models
To make more bright and spacious your house, the model Akura XC-XR is ideal.
The panels in laminated glass make the ladder at the same time sure, without giving up the elegance of the forms.

And voila, enhance your home has never been so easy.
View all the details of the glass stairs of Mobirolo collection.

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