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verbindungstreppen beleuchtung das design von traum leitern led beleuchtet

Verbindungstreppen Beleuchtung. Das Design von Traum leitern led beleuchtet


If you ask a good architect will tell you that the secret to make your home really cozy is not in the furniture you choose, but in the use of the light.
Of course, design is important, obviously painting the house with pink varnish will create a completely different atmosphere from the apartment furnished in industrial style, but the light is the touch of class that makes the difference in a home and our designers know it well, for this reason the stairs with integrated led lighting are one of our top sellers and most appreciated product.
A LED illuminated staircase will not only transform the atmosphere of your home, but also increases your security and the savings: the light source of the LED, in fact, it is a low consumption light, with intensity and RGB adjustable by remote control colour, it means that if you want to change the colour of the light, but you're lying on the couch enjoying your favorite tv show, you don't have to get up and interrupt the vision, but you can do it at distance, comfortably sitting on your sofa.
Also, in case of electric blackout, a battery guarantees the lighting and triggers the emergency light that extends to the surrounding environment. It will avoid you to get equipped with flashlights and candles, as if you were in a horror movie.
A design object that makes even from Surge Protector!
The LED staircase doesn't need to be switched on, the lighting is activated automatically by the passage and it is also equipped with timer lights: in this way the lighting will turns off after the ride in a period of time that you can set personally.
If you are interested to discover more about our LED staircase, we recommend you  totake a look at our catalogue, in the section of LED Illuminated staircase, who knows... you might find the perfect staircase for your home.

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Ivano Cappelletti

Sono molto soddisfatto l'ho montata e la uso da 15 anni per andare in mansarda. Era l'unico modo veloce per avere una scala pronta all'uso. In 30 giorni dal sopralluogo ho avuto la scala montata. Devo dire che sto molto attento a non passarci con scarpe sporche o bagnate, ma posso dire che è ancora come nuova.

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