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easy mobirolo with video consulting

Easy Mobirolo with video consulting


In this quarantine period Mobirolo is becoming increasingly Smart.
We are regularly active, production will open on May 4 and for the protection of our staff, part of the staff will work in smart working.
We have continued to update and remain in connection with our precious distribution network in the area and from today we want to launch an absolute novelty: the QUOTE VIDEO.
Thanks to applications now in common use, WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom, you can get in touch with a technician to whom you can explain all your needs live. Our technician will be able to answer your questions and give you all the necessary information.
We do not stop but we continue adapting our operating methods to a world that is changing rapidly and that today asks for service but keeping its distance. We are therefore close and present with the new videoconferencing tools.
Send us an email or contact us at these addresses Tel. +39 05222 11830 | Cell. +39 335 5770053 indicating your telephone number and your area and we will contact you: we will send you an email with a proposal for an appointment (date and time); a few minutes before the "meeting" we will send you the link through which you can get in direct contact with us via video call.
Talking to Mobirolo is easy.

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Наши ценности

Надежность и ответственность

...от 1966

Нашей целью является производство качественного товара по заказу клиента и расчитанного на длительный срок службы.

Мы стремимся удовлетворять все ожидания наших клиентов,гарантируя отличное качество товаров и услуг.

Ivano Cappelletti

Sono molto soddisfatto l'ho montata e la uso da 15 anni per andare in mansarda. Era l'unico modo veloce per avere una scala pronta all'uso. In 30 giorni dal sopralluogo ho avuto la scala montata. Devo dire che sto molto attento a non passarci con scarpe sporche o bagnate, ma posso dire che è ancora come nuova.

Simona Palmieri recensione con voto 5

Materiali di pregio, tecnici consigliati e soprattutto installazione completa a domicilio. Da consigliare

Recensione pubblicata nel 2019. Valutazione 5. Recensioni 7, con valore medio 4,6. Recensione peggiore con voto 3


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