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Furnishing Ideas: Mobirolo stairs for small spaces


Thanks to the government's bonuses, there was never a better time to renovate your home. For those who want to renew the appearance of their homes, and for those who are about to move to a new home, these facilities serve as support for a small project.

Even from Mobirolo, a producer of stairs for over 50 years, you can enjoy this advantage.

It know well Greta, who came to us for an advice:

"Good morning, we need to renovate a house and insert a staircase (lightweight and as small as possible). Which one of your models could adapt to our situation?"

The Mobirolo interior staircases are designed according to the needs of each of our customers, using maximum space and leaving a wide choice of material, design, color and finishes.

Here are two possible solutions:


  • Akura, the model of open staircase designed to promote the installation even where for short strokes, there are no walls. The design involves the possibility of inserting a double railing for a maximum of 5 steps, which acts as a carrier in the absence of mounting walls.


  • In the FLY models meet the past and the future of Mobirolo. The experience of the manufacture of open staircases combined with contemporary design elements. Wooden parts of solid beech or oak blend with the lightness of metal components. Also available with LED Lighting System.

Passion, dedication and care for every single detail. That's how we in Mobirolo take care of our clients.

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Ivano Cappelletti

Sono molto soddisfatto l'ho montata e la uso da 15 anni per andare in mansarda. Era l'unico modo veloce per avere una scala pronta all'uso. In 30 giorni dal sopralluogo ho avuto la scala montata. Devo dire che sto molto attento a non passarci con scarpe sporche o bagnate, ma posso dire che è ancora come nuova.

Andrea Menegolo

Ho comperato alcuni anni fa una scala retrattile mod. PK della Mobirolo. Recentemente ho inviato una mail al servizio Mobirolo per un pezzo e mi hanno risposto "in riferimento alla sua richiesta le comunichiamo che, trattandosi di una fornitura di modesta entita’, provvediamo a effettuare la spedizione in forma gratuita." Tre giorni dopo sono arrivati i pezzi di ricambio. Complimenti!!