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Modern Stairs: the solution to the problems of your home


Calculate, measure and frame every single piece of furniture in the right place can be very difficult. It know well Lorenzo who turned to Mobirolo to complete the interior of his home with the right stair:


"Hello, I would be interested in an internal staircase for my home in Edolo. The staircase must link the kitchen to the mezzanine with a height of 3,05m on non-bearing walls. Could you direct me to what model of staircase I can use for this situation?"


Between the wide range of interior staircases of Mobirolo here are three options that match our client's request:


  • for traditional style lovers, the spiral staircase Diable is the highest expression of the two characteristics that Mobirolo is particularly fond of: research on the quality of materials and attention to details. The rail is composed of vertical columns in chromed steel and stainless steel bars. The handrails is available in both wood and steel. All metal components are chrome.
  • For those who love a more refined style and more elegant lines, Mobirolo proposes the spiral staircase Pura. An object of design and furniture designed to enhance beauty and functionality. This wooden stair is characterized by a helical structure without a central pole, enriched by vertical support that helps the distance of the stair. Chrome railing with Chrome columns ø 30mm. and seven bars from Ø 8mm. Handrail in chromed metal or wood. It can be made in beech or oak. Available with the innovative LED Lighting System (optional).
  • Moving on open staircase, the model Jazz is the ideal choice. Its structure is characterized by steel modules adjustable in height and depth, adapting perfectly to the size of your space. Also this model can be equipped with the innovative LED System (optional).


Now the choice is yours. wink

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Ivano Cappelletti

Sono molto soddisfatto l'ho montata e la uso da 15 anni per andare in mansarda. Era l'unico modo veloce per avere una scala pronta all'uso. In 30 giorni dal sopralluogo ho avuto la scala montata. Devo dire che sto molto attento a non passarci con scarpe sporche o bagnate, ma posso dire che è ancora come nuova.

Andrea Menegolo

Ho comperato alcuni anni fa una scala retrattile mod. PK della Mobirolo. Recentemente ho inviato una mail al servizio Mobirolo per un pezzo e mi hanno risposto "in riferimento alla sua richiesta le comunichiamo che, trattandosi di una fornitura di modesta entita’, provvediamo a effettuare la spedizione in forma gratuita." Tre giorni dopo sono arrivati i pezzi di ricambio. Complimenti!!